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What are the Pros and Cons? – 4 Types of Hair Removal, And More

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Pros and Cons of Types of Hair RemovalPros and Cons of Types of Hair Removal

Pros and cons like every spring-summer, waxing becomes one of the concerns of men and women who want to show off their body without any hair.

As usual, we wonder which method to remove facial and body hair is the one that has more pros than cons.

A specialist aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Experts in dermatology medical trainer of laser techniques solve our doubts. And the different depilation methods and removal of facial hairs and bodily.

What are the Types of Hair Removal?

1. Wax

  • This type of hair removal consists of adhesive strips (in cold wax) or hot wax in the areas to remove.
  • Which, when detached, can extract the hair from the roots. It is a quick procedure but also a bit painful.
  • It is one of the most aggressive hairs removal methods because the skin in many areas of the body and face is quite sensitive and can attack.
  • In general, he tells us, the use of wax in facial areas such as the periocular area (around the eyes) not recommends.
  • Because this skin is susceptible and the force used to pull the band or wax causes an increase in its flaccidity progressively.
  • There is a high risk of hyperpigmentation (facial spots) in the perioral area due to small and invisible vascular lesions.
  • Also, most people who perform this technique do not consider photoprotection during the two weeks after the procedure (necessary to prevent this sequel).
  • And only advise it in case of fragile, delicate, light hair, and very occasionally. In general, there are no differences in efficacy between the cold or hot wax technique.
  • The latter is not recommends for legs that have varicose veins or that have susceptible skin.

2. Depilatory Cream

  • The method consists of applying the cream to the area wax, which, after resting for a few minutes, acts by transforming the keratin into a soft mass that subsequently removes.
  • It is an ineffective procedure for hair removal because it does not remove it, nor its root, but instead cuts it flush with the skin, ” explains the doctor.
  • As he tells us, the use of this type of cream can cause many kinds of skin irritations and allergic reactions due to its chemical components. The hair will appear again in a few days because, as he explains, it not remove.
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3. Razors

  • This type of hair removal does not remove hair from the roots, but it is a pinch solution.
  • If you decide to do it, it is essential to use a new blade for each use. Waxing with a used blades causes more cuts and pulls, as well as causing injuries and recurrent infections.
  • The regulars use of the razor to depilate increases the risk of folliculitis in the skin. And (inflammation of the hair follicle –protective layer around the root of the hair-).
  • And producing pain and encysting of the same due to the prolonged inflammatory reactions and being very unsightly.
  • It does not recommend prolonged use of the blades or razors because we would continuously be stimulating the hair, causing it to appear sooner and more vital.

4. Electric Razors

  • It is a very similar method to waxing in that it removes hair from the roots. However, it is quite a painful process for most peoples.
  • It explains the doctor. He believes that it can be an uncomfortable method because the hair must have a particular length for its correct operation. “Also, it causes a lot of irritation and problems with festering hair.
  • And regular use of this technique, as in razors, also increases the risk of folliculitis. An important recommendation is that the user has an adequate cleaning of the depilatory devices


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