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How to Dry Nails Fast? – Definition, 6 Steps to Dry Nails Fast, and more

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Dry Nails Fast DefinitionDry Nails Fast

Dry nails fast you painted your nails but are in a hurry and need them to dry as soon as possible?

There are several remedies or tricks that you can apply that are going to be surprising, so keep reading because, in this step guide below, we reveal how to dry your nails fast.

And any nail polish or lacquer that you apply on the nails requires at least five to ten minutes to dry naturally.

And a little less if we use a specific dryer for our manicure, but the truth is that sometimes we need that time is less.

Or we do not have an element with which to heat our nails. So let’s see what we can do.

What are the Steps to Dry Nails Fast?

  • Some remedies or tricks exist to dry your nails quickly, so take note and choose what best suits your needs.

1. Cold Water and Ice Cubes

  • Fill a container of any size with cold water and some ice cubes. Once your paint, let them air dry for two minutes.
  • Then dip your fingers into the bowl of cold water for another two to three minutes. When you remove them, you will notice drops of water on top of the polish.
  • Which means everything is ready. It is because the impact of the cold temperature will instantly firm up the polish. If you check it, you will notice that the nails are dehydrated.

2. Baby Oil

  • Baby oil or olive oil can be the right solution when you need to quickly dry your nails, although this trick is better than having it prepared before applying it.
  • And in this way not wasting time. You need to fill a dropper bottle with baby oil when you paint your nails.
  • And apply a drop of that oil on each nail and pass two or three minutes. Your nails will be surprisingly dry.

3. Hair Spray

  • For a real emergency with freshly painted nails, nothing like resorting to hair spray. Once you have your nails painted, let a minute pass before submerging them under the cold water.
  • Then take a bottle of lacquer, and spray it on the nails. You will notice how a protective film suddenly formed, and your nails will be dry in less than three minutes.

4. Application of the Polish

  • Finally, we advise you that when applying your polish on the nails, it is better that you paint a thin layer.
  • And let it dry in a minute, and then apply a second thin layer. You will see that dry much faster than using a single thick coat of polish.

5. Hairdryer

  • In professional beauty salons, they have special devices to dry the nails, and they are used to make the manicure look perfect.
  • Since you probably don’t have one of these devices at home, you can replace it with a hairdryer.

6. Freezer

  • In the previous point, low temperatures are the best to achieve perfect and fast drying. If you don’t want to waste your ice cubes, you can choose to put your hands directly in the freezer.


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