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What is a Wheelchair? – Definition, 3 Types of Wheelchairs

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Wheelchair Definition

Wheelchair currently, there are many wheelchairs on the market. The different model’s design to cover the specific needs of each user.

At Dortomedical, we are aware that a priori, the choice of the most appropriate wheelchair can be some what complicated.

So we will try to explain the most important points when deciding which wheelchair we should acquire.

It is the most appropriate and has more. Of course, which wheelchair we should choose so that it is always the most successful option.

What Types of Wheelchairs can we Find?

1. Manual Wheelchairs

  • They undoubtedly the most common and traditional. It serves both for exterior and interior use. Among the most common manufacturing materials of its structure, we have.
  • Steel: robust, inexpensive, and stable chairs.
  • Aluminum: is lighter and more maneuverable.
  • Carbon fiber Are chairs for very active users.
  • These are highly configurable chairs. We can find different seat width measurements, with elevating footrests, folding backrest, folding, self-propelled wheel or small wheel, etc.
  • A significant factor takes into account is that the wheelchair has height-adjustable armrests. To be sure that we have chosen the correct chair.
  • We have to consider the user’s position, something that with fixed armrests is not possible. Can do it correctly. Wheelchairs with fixed armrests can cause:
  • Shoulder and back problems
  • Wrong posture
  • Joint pain
  • It is essential to take this detail into account to avoid all these problems quickly.
  • As an example of a complete manual wheelchair, which meets all the requirements and a very competitive price within the current market, we find the Eco Apolo New chair.
  • The price of this wheelchair is so low and economical that the option of buying a second-hand chair rule out.
  • If we have a manual wheelchair and our needs change, a very successful option would be to acquire a companion motor as extra help. It would solve our mobility problems without having to change the chair for an electric one.

2. Electric Wheelchairs

  • Electric wheelchairs have a motor that provides the user with significant autonomy and much greater freedom of movement.
  • The speed and the distance in kilometers will depend on the power of the engine and the battery. It easily controls by a joystick that is usually easy to use.
  • But it is also possible to incorporate control for a passenger if we want an assistant to control the movement. We can find them with central, front, or rear traction.
  • If we are going to use them in somewhat uneven outdoor areas, it would be advisable always to choose a suspension chair. This type of wheelchair usually has a higher cost.
  • Among the many options that we find in the market, a perfect opportunity to consider is the R300, and it combines excellent price and quality all in one.

3. Other Types of Wheelchairs

  • The range of wheelchairs, as we mentioned at the beginning, is extensive. We also have at our disposal other types of chairs designed to help us in our day to day.
  • And that facilitate the lives of people with mobility problems such as, for example, among others:
  • Transfer chairs
  • Tilting chairs
  • Chairs to go up and downstairs
  • Super narrow chairs (for the elevator, narrow doors)
  • Standing chairs
  • Also, You can find more helpful resources at Bloomersweb.

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