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11 Valuable Tips to Wake Up Easily and Get Healthier

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Valuable Tips to Wake Up Easily and Get Healthier – Some struggle waking up early even though they sleep 8 hours a night. These 15 tips are aimed to help such people and make waking up healthier.

Go to Bed Early

Try to fall asleep before midnight. Even if you want to enter your PlayAmo casino login at 11 p.m. and play for a couple of minutes, try to avoid this because it can lead to hours of gambling. You will feel better in a few days, and your inner self will thank you.

Don’t Even Think About Taking Another Nap

Send your child to school and want to take an extra half-hour nap? Forget about that habit forever. You know how it ends.  The whole day will feel sluggish and broken. The main thing is to come up with a clear routine, your own morning ritual and stick to it as much as possible.

Rise According to Your Alarm Clock

You shouldn’t stretch for long, trying to warm up in bed some more. Did the alarm clock go off? Pull yourself out of bed with all your might. And to finally wake up, wash your face with cool water (yes, sometimes it’s difficult).

Awake? Drink a Glass of Fresh Water

You can put a bottle of water next to your bed and take a few sips right after waking up. The body loses a lot of fluids during the night, let it recover. And don’t make a habit of drinking a lot of coffee. If you consume it constantly, it loses its effectiveness and does not bring the effect of liveliness.

If You Can’t Live Without Coffee, Drink It

While getting up, think about how amazing another day could be. And think that in just a few minutes you’ll have a hot, fragrant cup of coffee waiting for you! To make this time more entertaining, add a ritual to this routine activity.

Add a Reminder to Your Alarm Clock

Type in a little text that reminds you at 6 a.m. to get up now, not 20 minutes or 30 minutes later. You’ve been through all this, and you know how hard it is to catch up with lost time. So write something like, “Trust me! It’s better this way.”

Cook a Good Breakfast

Morning is the time when you don’t have to stick to diets, fat isn’t deposited on your waistline, because there’s still a whole day ahead. So make something delicious to eat. Something that you love and that will definitely lift your spirits.

Write Lists

For a quicker sleep, write down all your worries on paper or hang up a slate in the hallway on which you can write down important chores and plans. Don’t go over and over in your head, “Don’t forget to make a doctor’s appointment. Pick up your jacket for dry cleaning. Pay the electric bill.” Just collect a list of activities you have to do. It really helps when there’s a lot to do and you need a good night’s sleep.

Do Something Nice

For some people it’s a cup of coffee, for others it’s 5 minutes of meditation, a simple workout, or a 15 minute walk in the park. Something that you do with pleasure, and when you imagine the action, it makes you feel good in the shower.

Turn on the Lights

As soon as you wake up, turn on the lamp or maybe all the lights in the room. Light helps wake up your mind, and during cold seasons with shorter days, we miss it. As a result, it starts affecting our mind in a negative way.

Allow Yourself Time to Wake up

Not everyone is able to be in a good mood in the morning and wake up right away. Engage in something pointless, until the brain gradually comes to its senses and starts to think about what’s what. Of course, it’s bad enough to open your eyes and immediately get into social networks, you can get carried away and be late everywhere. But for many it helps to finally wake up. If you are one of those people, try setting the alarm 10 minutes early, so that you still have time to get ready.

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