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What is Substance Abuse? – Definition, Reasons, Factors, and More

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Substance Abuse DefinitionSubstance Abuse Definition

Basically, substance abuse, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, usually begins in adolescence and is generally associated with the enjoyment of leisure and social relationships, focusing on weekends or holidays.

The adolescent stage’s specific characteristics can facilitate chronic substance use.  But also it becomes abusive, it can interfere with the adolescent’s healthy development.

And also people commonly use alcohol and tobacco and follow cannabis, tranquilizers, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, and hallucinogens.

But not all drug use carries the same degree of risk. It is  different forms of consumption use, abuse, and dependence.

And it dependence on one or more substances takes a specific time and goes through different phases in which the frequency, quantity, and forms of consumption vary.

And most of the time, the start of use does not lead to dependence. However, it is essential attentive to individual signs.

What are the Main Reasons why a Teenager Uses?

Some of the most important causes are the positive consequences that adolescents associate with the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Such as joy, pleasure, euphoria, festive mood, fun, etc.

It usually, alcohol and drugs overcome shyness, shame, insecurity, lack of social skills, seeking disinhibition, integration into the group, and enhancing social relationships.

And adolescents use to feel capable of taking the first steps to start a romantic relationship and face other new situations for which they may not feel ready.

And also the consumption in this segment of the population justifies by imitating a frequent pattern in the adult population.

At the same time, adolescents immerse in a culture in which alcohol socially well accepts and usually consumes various occasions, parties, celebrations, fun, etc.

And another habit of using these types of substances is to escape from routine. And also daily problems, or bad times. It adolescents use consumption to affirm and express their identity. and show that they have left childhood behind.

And get out of states of apathy, or general lack of interest consumption of drugs or alcohol perceive as something stimulating and a way to experience new sensations.

What other Families, School, and Social Factors Influence Consumption?

Firstly, availability and accessibility of substances. And also social approval of legal drugs, such as alcohol. The Advertisements associate the drink with values and attractive stimuli for adolescents. And such as friendship, character, sex, risk, or adventure.

Secondly, it inadequate education styles in families and ambiguous or overprotective standards lack recognition or excessive rigidity.

Lastly, And also lack of communication and conflictive family climate can lead to deficiencies or suffering adolescents try to compensate for through consumption.

The group of friends’ influence increases the chances of consuming if the adolescent integrates into a group in which they consume. And lack of information or misinformation about the negative consequences associated with alcohol and drug abuse.


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