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Swelling on the face or in the morning can be annoying. Swelling on the face is often the result of fluid build-up, which some factors can cause. Home care treatments and techniques can alleviate and prevent this problem by addressing the underlying cause. This article examines the reasons for morning facial puffiness and ways to avoid it.


Several factors can cause swollen face in the morning, including underlying health issues and a person’s diet. Diet, sleep, and makeup. Here’s how a person’s daily routine in the morning can cause facial swelling.


Many people wake up with a swollen face due to normal fluid retention during the night. However, this can be more noticeable if the person gets too little or too much sleep. Lying down causes fluid to collect on the face, and a person’s sleeping position can also worsen this. Sleeping on your stomach can have this effect, for example. If the person starts the morning and sits upright, these fluids can disappear.


Falling asleep with makeup on can cause a skin reaction called contact dermatitis, which can cause redness, irritation, or swelling of the face and eyes. Most cases are nothing to worry about, but anyone with serious symptoms, such as swollen eyes or difficulty opening their eyes, needs medical attention.


Eating certain foods in the evening or at night sometimes leads to additional bloating in the morning. In general, eating foods high in sodium can cause the body to retain more water. This increase in sodium usually makes you thirsty and drink more, but the body doesn’t shed this extra water in the urine. Instead, the water collects in various places, including the face.

Some of the most common high-sodium foods to avoid include:

  • Fast foods such as hamburgers, fries, and pizza
  • Processed meats such as bacon and pepperoni
  • Sushi, especially with soy sauce
  • French fries, nachos and pretzels


Some people wake up with a swollen face after a night of drinking. Alcohol causes a person to urinate more, which can lead to mild dehydration. In response, the body can retain water where it can, such as the face.

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