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How to Remove Static Electricity from Hair? – Causes, Accumulate, and More

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  • Static hair not sure your hair gets unruly and on the brink. Don’t worry, we all have had our hair stand on end and dislodged at some point.
  • The cause of this daily hair challenge is static electricity. When our hair accumulates a certain amount, it isn’t easy to manage it.
  • For this reason, you are indeed very interested in knowing how to eliminate static electricity from hair. If you want to have silky hair and free of electrical charges, pay attention.

What are the Common Causes of the Accumulation of Electrical Energy in the hair?

  • There are different products on the market prepared to eliminate the typical frizz caused by static electricity.

1. The Excess Conditioners

  • It can also change the way it behaves hair after washing.

2. Lack of Hydration in the Hair

  • The higher the percentage of plastic in your brush, the more likely your hair will accumulate static electricity. The levels will also increase if you brush very hard.
  • Wool garments and some scrunchies and other accessories used to collect hair make it more prone to static electricity.

Why does Hair Accumulate Static Electricity?

  • Firstly, static electricity is a type of energy generated due to an excess of electrical charge that certain materials accumulate, usually by friction, such as brushing the hair with force.
  • Secondly, it happens to many women. We wash, dry, and style our hair very well, however, as if we had a great scare.
  • Lastly, the hairs get stiff because of static energy. Women with thinner hair are more prone to this phenomenon.

What water do you Wash your Hair?

1. Before you get out of the Shower

  • Rinse your hair with cold water. This seals and softens the hair strands’ cuticles, which will make it not damaged and not accumulate as much static electricity.

2. Tricks to Wash your Hair

  • If your hair is dehydrated, don’t shampoo it every day if you do not use your hair’s right product.
  • And you are making it drier each time you apply it. Once every two days, wash it off in the Shower and towel it dry.

3. Protect your Hair

  • Protect your hair when it is wet, as wet hair is fragile. You can apply a strengthening product such as the different sprays after the Shower or a good mask.
  • To find the ideal cosmetic for your hair among the ten products that are on sale, consult your hairdresser. He will recommend the product that best suits the characteristics of your hair.

4. The Towel, your best friend

  • After washing your hair, especially if you have to detangle it, dry it well with the Towel. Excess water is not right before putting it in the hot air of the dryer, tweezers, and iron.
  • If you want to make sure that static electricity doesn’t accumulate in your hair in any way, buy yourself a specific anti-frizz hair towel.

5. Never Rub

  • Don’t rub your hair with the Towel. Pat yourself dry. Then apply a small amount of a non-rinsing conditioner. Distribute using a wide-toothed, coarse-tooth comb; the longer your hair, the thicker the comb’s teeth should be.
  • The key to preventing your hair from accumulating static electricity is to pat it dry instead of rubbing it with the Towel.

6. Use a Good Mask

  • Apply a mask for your hair at least once a week. That will help you to keep it healthy and not break. To properly apply all the products, you must follow the specific mask instructions you will use.
  • And remember that not all of them are valid for all hairs, so you should look for the one that meets your needs: for dehydrated hair, for wavy hair, for curly-haired women.

7. Cream, Wax, Mouse

  • Using hair styling products will help make your hair healthier, but it will also calm static electricity. These products correspond to the “styling” range.
  • And include waxes, ointments, silicones, mice, spray, anti-frizz creams, etc. Choose the one that helps you fulfill your purposes: define your curls, fix your hairstyle, get a wet effect, etc.

8. Use a Natural Treatment for your Hair

  • There is also the option of applying natural treatments with olive oil, avocado or almonds, mayonnaise, or eggs.
  • These foods will help you reduce static electricity in your mane, given the lack of other products’ effectiveness. And you can prepare different natural masks and apply them to your hair, especially in the ends. Also you can find more helpful resources at knowaboutanything.


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