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What are the SkinCeuticals? – Definition, Philosophy, Products

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SkinCeuticals Definition

The SkinCeuticals debuted in 1997, and the company’s philosophy bases on research by its founding scientist and former chief medical advisor Dr. Sheldon Pinnell.

And the Yale-educated Dr. Pinnell was a member of the Duke University Medical School faculty for almost 40 years.

And it served as the chief of dermatology at Duke University Medical Center for 15 years. His research areas included skin cancer and skin aging.

Also, U.V takes protective and topical vitamin C. According to the company, Dr. Pinnell’s effort with antioxidants remains the driving force for SkinCeuticals.

Today SkinCeuticals is own by cosmetics giant loreal and sells a wide variety of skincare products. It includes serums, masks, cleansers, moisturizers, lip treatments, targeted acne redness, and sensitive skin outcomes.

They also SkinCeuticals-affiliated spas offering in-office procedures such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

What is the SkinCeuticals Philosophy?

  • The SkinCeuticals’ philosophy its create and maintain an effective skincare regimen based on these three concepts.
  • It prevents protection and correction. And the company is one of the pioneers of cosmeceuticals. They cosmetic products are made with “biologically active ingredients claim to enhance skincare efficacy.”

What are the Best-selling SkinCeuticals Products?

  • SkinCeuticals takes the big stable of best-sellers, but arguably the brand’s best-known product is the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic.
  • And it serum take received countless write-ups. And they recommendations in the press. Also, it helps protect the skin from environmental and sun damage.
  • Also, it works to brighten and tone the skin. And the powerhouse serum also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • And C E Ferulic contains just 12 15% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 1% vitamin E to help nourish and protect the skin, and 0.5% ferulic acid.
  • The antioxidant are thought it increases the stability of vitamins C and E while also it protect the skin from environmental damage.
  • And other ingredients include water, the humectants glycerin and propylene glycol, and sodium hyaluronate.
  • Hyaluronic acids occur naturally in the body, and it’s known as a moisturizing all-star as it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • Also, other best-sellers include Discoloration Defense serum, a dark spot corrector that can be used on sunspots and acne scars, as well as Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) Intensifier.
  • And the company says it increases the skin’s hyaluronic acid level by 30% and has a unique serum-gel texture.

The anti-aging concerns are address with the SkinCeuticals Retinol creams, which come in three different concentrations- 0.3%, 0.5%, and 1%.

  • The Triple Lipid Restore is the anti-aging cream pack with ceramides, while the Hydrating B5 gel is a moisturizing serum that is also oil-free.
  • These best-sellers are joins by Phloretin C.F. (the vitamin C-based daytime serum), Blemish + Age Defense (the serum that targets acne and fine lines), A.G.E. interrupter, an anti-aging cream.
  • And SkinCeuticals it also known for its best-selling sunscreens, like the Physical Fusion U.V it defense SPF 50. It’s the tinted, all mineral sunscreen, while the Sport U.V. Defense 50 is design to stand up during extreme sports.
  • And top cleansers include the L.H.A. Cleansing Gel, that ideal for acne-prone skin, as well as the Glycolic Renewal Cleanser, which delivers a daily exfoliation.
  • The SkinCeuticals also offers multiple toners, including the conditioning toner for normal to oily skin and the L.H.A. toner to help unclog pores.


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