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Top 8 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask Your Trainer

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Questions You Were Afraid to Ask Your Trainer – Today, we are spending hours at home. We work at the desk, chat with friends, play the best live National Casino games not looking aside from the screen. It leads to health problems, and you should start going to a gym to avoid them. But if you are new there and don’t know how to start? Answers to these 8 questions will help you.

Where to Start If You Haven’t Been to the Gym in Years

It is best to start activity after a long break with short, low-intensity workouts. It is important to gradually remind your muscles of the technique of basic exercises, re-engage the core (the complex of muscles that are responsible for stabilising the pelvis, hips, spine), remember how to breathe correctly, correct imbalances. A long period without sport does not go away, so it is important to work on joint mobility first and prepare the cardiovascular system by working on cardio machines.

Can You Skip the Warm-up

The warm-up is the key to the success of your core complex and future results. The cardiovascular system wants to be ready for the load. So do the joints, ligaments and muscles. Allocate at least 15 minutes to the warm-up, or better still more. Divide it into three blocks: low-intensity cardio, joint exercises or mobility exercises, cortex activation.

Missing those 15 minutes increases your risk of injury and also wears out your heart.

Can You Skip a Training Session If Your Muscles Are Sore After the Last Session

Trainers recommend not skipping a workout even if you are experiencing severe crepitation. First, while you feel pain in one body part, you can work out another. Second, you can do muscle relaxation with rolls and balls. Thirdly, you can do low-intensity cardio to speed up recovery. But do not train the affected muscle group so as not to exhaust it or injure it. Or you can utilize readily available growth hormones online which can aid in muscle repair and your overall growth in regards to your fitness, you can check and research peptides easily online.

Do You Need to Increase Your Workload If You Don’t Have Muscle Pain

Croupatura is an indication that your muscles were stressed during a particular movement. If it doesn’t occur at all, you are working in your comfort zone. It’s not a bad thing if your goal is to move for pleasure, and you don’t put progress as your first priority. If you want to get stronger, build muscle, increase your workload – and muscle pain will immediately appear. But note that it should be light, it should not create a lot of discomfort.

Why You May Sweat Profusely From the First Minutes of Training

It’s okay to sweat profusely during exercise. It has a thermoregulatory function and also regulates your salt and water balance. The more regularly you exercise, the less you will sweat. However, if this makes you very uncomfortable, pay attention to whether you eat a lot of spicy or salty foods, or drink a lot of water before the activity.

Can You Eat Before Training

Sure, but it’s worth enduring for at least an hour and a half. Also, it’s important to understand what your goals are and choose certain foods accordingly. Here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Strength training. Carbohydrates and fats are not a priority, choose protein foods.
  • Interval training. Give priority to carbohydrates.
  • Cardio. You need a balanced meal. Of priorities: proteins first, then fats and carbohydrates.

It’s difficult for the body to effectively engage in digestion and muscular activity at the same time. But if you forget to eat and need to run to your workout, or have a very early workout, we recommend snacking on berries or drinking a plant-based protein shake 30-40 minutes before the activity.

It is also important not to skip meals before training if you have low blood pressure.

What to Do If You Can’t Keep up With Your Couch

It’s okay for people to take time to orient themselves and learn new movements. Neurons need to build connections, and that doesn’t happen in a second.

Do not hesitate to tell the trainer, ask him to explain again, to give you time. Of course, it is more comfortable to do this in personal training or in small training groups. If you feel that you need more time, do not go to the training in large groups.

How Soon Can You Eat After Training

If your training is strength training and the aim is to gain muscle, you can eat after 30-40 minutes.

If your workout is intensive, interval or cardio, it is worth postponing meals for one to two hours.

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