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Amal Clooney No Makeup Look

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Amal Clooney No Makeup look when her skin looks as it is all glowing, natural skin. Hence the easiest way to get this? Have realistic and glowing skin. While not everyone has the tremendous youthful glow of Amal Clooney or Jennifer Aniston, we know how to fake it! Before you embark on this makeup free makeup journey, do some skin prep. A moisturizing face mask before applying makeup ensures that the skin is supple and hydrated.

Prepare Your Base

For a Amal Clooney No Makeup look, a foundation is the easiest way to get a smooth foundation. “For me, using foundation creates a base that holds makeup in place, so it lasts all day instead of sliding off my face,” said celebrity makeup artist Erika La’Pearl. She can tailor her product selection to your desired look or skin type. A foundation that fills the pores softens and fills in all the pores without clogging them as a thick foundation would. An illuminating foundation adds that “lit from within” error glow and leaves you looking dewy.

Lightly Step On The Cover

Stay away from a thick, full-coverage foundation for this look. Tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams, and skin tones add extra moisture to your skin while allowing some of your freckles, redness, and blemishes to show. La’Pearl relies on liquid foundations for this step because they make your skin look radiant and easy to blend and build. One of her favourites is Be a 10’s Beyond Belief Foundation if you want more comprehensive coverage that doesn’t come off as cheesy. Apply your liquid foundation or complexion with a buffing brush for coverage or with a sponge to lock in moisture and buff it up – the ideal foundation application method from La’Pearl.

Cream It All To Get Amal Clooney No Makeup

Creams make everything blend, sink in quickly, and look more natural than powders. After applying foundation and concealer, blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge. Set it lightly with a powder bronzer if you’re worried about it lasting all day, or keep the radiant goodness by setting it with a setting spray. La’Pearl applies bronzer to her cheekbones and temples and even blends it as an eyeshadow on her lids to add dimension and a little amp up the look without going overboard.

Dew is Your Friend

Adding a nice mist to your cheekbones can go a long way in making your face look natural yet radiant. Instead of going for a traditional shimmery highlighter, opt for a cream with a sheer base. It looks like sweat (sounds gross but trust us!) or natural dew on the skin. The product’s texture also blends well with all other face cream products.

 Fake Blush As Amal Clooney No Makeup Look

There is something about a natural, flushed complexion that is so beautiful and unpolished. Achieve this look the easy way by applying a slight cream blush to the apples of your cheeks, up to your temples, and just to the bridge of your nose.


Skin is the show’s star in this style of Amal Clooney No Makeup, so it’s okay to leave your lashes light. I know I haven’t worn brown mascara since high school, but unless you have naturally super dark lashes (so zealous!), it opens up your eyes without looking too heavy. Curl your lashes and apply brown mascara to the top and bottom lashes, or go natural and skip the mascara. La’Pearl suggested using mascara with a smaller brush so you can apply less, e.g. B. with an old stick of eyebrow mascara or a spool of an eyebrow pencil tip.

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