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Types of Medical Scrubs You Should Know

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Today, scrubs had become an integral part of almost each hospital activity as opposed to previously when it was worn in the OT only. Scrubs are worn as uniforms by medical practitioners, including nurses, doctors, and medical technologists. The advancement in the healthcare industry has allowed the change of dressing over time, allowing the introduction of different colors and styles of medical uniforms.

These colors include grey, black, maroon, blue, green, and navy blue. Also, these scrubs are multi-functional, consisting of several pockets. This allows medical practitioners to store all the small essential and handy medical equipment such as injections, gauze, papers, and stethoscopes while at work. If you are looking for quality and functional scrubs, you can shop here and enjoy the mind-blowing discounts available.

Purposes of Medical Scrubs 

Primarily, scrubs serve two primary functions. These functions include making medical personnel easily identifiable by visitors, patients, and colleagues. The other role includes facilitating an ultimate go-to attire that is easy to maintain and clean. A1Scrubs offers comfortable and stylish medical scrubs ideal for all body types and sizes. Also, their scrubs involve a lightweight fabric that is easily breathable and movable.

Types of Medical Scrubs

Nursing Scrubs

The nurses’ roles include facilitating aid in emergencies, medicine administration, and assisting patients’ mobility and cleaning. Their scrubs allow them to move freely and comfortably compared to the earlier white uniforms. The nursing scrubs consist of pants and a top, which are pretty similar for both females and males. However, even though they are the same, their fittings are different, allowing everyone to find a perfect match for their body. Also, nursing scrubs are designed to be functional facilitating excellent performance in fast-paced and busy surroundings that include various activities and constant movement.

Surgical Scrubs

These scrubs are specifically designed to be used by doctors during surgeries in the operating rooms. Surgical scrubs are made from disposable fabric and should be sterilized since surgeons get into contact with fluids and chemicals in the operations rooms. These scrubs comprise a disposable gown, scrub pants, and a shirt. Also, the uniform includes surgical pullovers, clogs, and three-ply surgical masks. Surgical scrub should cover the entire body to keep the surgeons and patients safe from contamination and loosely fit to facilitate movement.

Lab Coats

Also known as white coats, lab coats include traditional medical practitioners’ attire. Lab coats are ideal for health personnel and medical technicians who handle body fluids and chemicals such as stool, blood, and urine daily. This attire includes an additional jacket-like garment besides the standard scrubs. Doctors can also wear a lab coat over their professional wear or scrubs, protecting them from drops and spills.

Further, white coats are made from polypropylene or polyester, making them stain-proof and easy to clean. Also, they comprise of antimicrobial finish and breathable fabrics. Lab coats are also advantageous since they can be easily removed in a chemical emergency, providing natural hazard containment. Lab coats should always be kept at the workplace, specifically in the lab, to prevent the spread of bacteria, infections, and cross-contamination.

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