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What is Self-Tanner? – Definition, 6 Best Self-Tanners

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Self-Tanner Definition

Self-tanner, raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by a self-tanner. It appears like no matter what formula you slather (or spray, or wipe).

And will inevitably be left with weird streaks, blotches, and patches that scream. But it not your fault (well, it might be a little bit your spot) self-tanners are finicky beasts that require a minute of patience.

And some trial and error, and, most importantly, a perfect formula, whether it’s in the form of drops, serums, wipes, or a cream.

Summer is here, and you want to layout. Then save yourself and your skin from harmful UV rays and opt for the faux glow. It promises your hours of tanning are not worth the wrinkles or, worse, the melanoma.

What are the Best Self-Tanners That Will Never and Ever Streak?

1. Healthy Glow Sunless Tan SPF 40

  • since 2019, vow to avoid that fake tan look that took over the early 2000s at all costs. And opt for more subtle self-tanners that bring out your skin’s inner glow.
  • On individual lazy days when you look like you’d rather stay in bed and need a boost, lean on it tanning mist.
  • It enhances your skin’s natural glow while protecting it from harmful UV rays with a hefty dose of SPF 40.
  • And think of it the mist that gives your face and body an extra pep in its step in the glow department.

2. Tan Towel

  • Rubbing wipe soaked with self-tanner all over your body sounds like a recipe for messy and streak-filled disaster. But low-maintenance towels are shockingly good at their job.
  • And not only they gently buff away dry patches as you wipe them on (dry patches = the ultimate enemy of a smooth tan). But bonus, their tea tree oil-infused formula will fight breakouts each time you use them.

3. Tahitian Tan Mist

  • Some spray-tans-in-a-can feel wet and uneven when you apply them, but this formula is fast-absorbing, lightweight.
  • And leaves with a completely even finish. It also dries down on contact. So you won need to worry about leaving part of your tan on your furniture.
  • Just make sure to stand outside or in your shower when you spray it on—or you’ll leave with gold walls and floors.

4. Sunless Tan Luminizing Body Serum

  • It would help if you avoided heavy, thick lotions unless looking like a grease ball is your vibe. It tanner comes conveniently in a serum form.
  • It glides right onto your skin, leaving behind a luminous, lit-from-within glow. And its 100-percent clean formula is foolproof for sensitive skin and incredibly hydrating.

5. Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

  • These booster drops should mix with the moisturizer of choice for a youthful, glow tan. They fade naturally as a natural tan would.
  • But without the harmful UV rays. Its product lasts for days, so you don’t have to worry about packing it for vacation for a re-up.

6. Instant Solutions Tanning Drops

  • Tanning drops add any product into a tanning lotion for the girl who already has her perfect cream picked out.
  • Whether you have a cream, an oil, or a serum that you like best, this product lets you keep your faves in rotation but adds a natural-looking glow.


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