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What is Kojic Acid? – Definition, Benefits, Side Effects, and More

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Kojic Acid Definition

Kojic acid material comes from the fungi present in Japan. It is whitish and consists mainly of small crystals.

This acid has a set of properties that makes it very efficient as a bleach for skin blemishes and is antioxidant and antibiotic.

For all these various benefits, kojic acid is an ingredient present in a wide variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

What are the Benefits of Kojic Acid?

  • Kojic Acid has a variety of properties, which provide numerous benefits, both in the area of cosmetics and health. Here are some of these properties, their different applications, and services.

1. Anti-aging and Anti-blemish Properties

  • This acid has a tremendous anti-aging effect since it improves the skin’s appearance, lightening the spots caused by age and the sun’s rays’ action.
  • Its properties can lighten dark spots on the skin to make them less noticeable since it acts directly on melanin, responsible for the epidermis’ dark color.
  • Similarly, kojic acid reduces the appearance of scars since it reduces their dark coloration and, therefore, they become less visible, assimilating them to the natural color of the skin.
  • In pregnant women, this acid can reduce the skin’s darkening caused by hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, which is traditionally called melasma.

2. Antifungal and Antioxidant Properties

  • The Kojic Acid has some antifungal benefits, so it prevents and treats fungal infections such as the athlete’s foot and diseases caused by fungi.
  • Its antioxidant properties reduce the effects of free radicals on the skin, thus preventing wrinkles’ sudden appearance, among other skin problems.

3. Antibacterial and Anti-acne Properties

  • This acid has significant antibacterial effects, which help reduce the chances of acquiring various bacterial infections on the skin.
  • On the other hand, due to its antibacterial properties, kojic acid works effectively to clean the skin’s pores. It helps prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads. The bacterial action of this acid also manages to treat severe acne on the skin.

What are the Side Effects caused by kojic acid?

  • The Acid Kojic tends to generate fewer side effects than other similar substances, such as, for example, hydroquinone.
  • Its substance can cause some irritation to the skin in most of the people who use it. For this reason, today, kojic acid is used to replace it.
  • However, this acid’s continued use presents some risks and contraindications because it can also generate some harmful effects, to a lesser degree. And some of the side effects caused by the use of kojic acid, the following mention.

1. Blisters and Severe Pain

  • In those who have susceptible skin or are allergic to this acid, its continuous use can cause severe dermatitis. It brings possible consequences to the appearance of blisters and severe pain in the affected area.

2. The vulnerability of the Skin to Sunlight

  • The Kojic Acid, to decrease melanin, can make the skin more vulnerable to burns caused by sunlight. It reduces the production of melanin, and the skin is more prone to suffer from sunburn.
  • And it is well known that one of the melanin’s functions is to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

3. Irritation, Redness, and Dryness

  • It also promote irritation in highly sensitive or allergic people to this compound.
  • It would result in redness and peeling of the affected area and a rash and itching appearance. Due to these effects, the skin could present some dryness.

What are the Precautions and Recommendations use of kojic acid?

  • The use of those products that include kojic acid in their formulation is relatively safe for most people.
  • However, certain precautions should be taken in its use because there is a risk of the appearance of some possible side effects.
  • It is because the acids of this type are very irritating. Its application on the skin leaves it more sensitive and, on the other hand, a little unprotected against the inclemency of the sun, especially in the summertime.
  • Here are some recommendations to keep in mind if you want to apply products with kojic acid.
  • It would help if you tried to purchase cosmetic products in which it is not the main ingredient or has a high concentration. With this, the risk of presenting harmful effects reduce.
  • It recommends using doses of this acid in small amounts.
  • If the skin is dry, using this acid and the moisturizing product should apply daily to restore its natural appearance.
  • If an unwanted condition observes when using this acid, its use should stop, and specialists should consult. Also you can find more helpful resources at techiesline.


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