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What is Holistic Medicine? – Definition, Principles, Uses, and More

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Holistic Medicine DefinitionHolistic Medicine Definition

Basically, holistic medicine, we can say that it is a method that the objective that has beyond healing, is to heal the soul, mind, and spirit.

This class of medicine does take care of restoring balance thanks to traditional and complementary therapies combined to bring the patient to a good state of health.

Their healing carries out natural; it achieves a harmony that frees the individual from all suffering.

What Principles govern Holistic Medicine?

  • Firstly, its central pillar is love as energy, which has a healing power that is difficult to match. And also, the potency of this universal energy use to achieve healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Secondly, and it all the traditional and complementary therapies that make up this class of medicine base on holism. It seeks to establish good health and a balance so that the mind and bodywork harmoniously.
  • Lastly, holistic medicine produce  guide, which  called a doctor or a mentor.
  • Another of the particularities that differentiate this kind of treatment is holism.

What are the Therapies uses in Holistic Medicine?

  • These types of therapies seek to heal the body, mind, and spirit comprehensively. And they are looking for a change when necessary.
  • And any harmful habit that affects the health of patients.
  • In the case of quit smoking, adopting a healthy diet, integrating sports activities, and many.
  • Another class of more alternative methods also use.
  • Such as meditation, yoga, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.
  • All of them meet the medical technique’s objective-based on holistic therapy and are in harmony with the principles that underpin it.
  • In general, holistic medicine must visualize the individual as a whole, establishing the balance of the human being and the essence from a realistic perspective.
  • And the ailments of peoples not strictly limited to the physical sphere.
  • And also root in the emotions or thoughts that cause imbalances in health.

Why Is it Necessary to promote Natural Health and Holistic Health?

  • The promotion of Natural Health is essential in a society like ours in which the rush and immediacy lead to treating everything using drugs and chemical products.
  • And it is common to observe how an increasing number of patients come to medical consultations suffering from symptoms.
  • And these are only “covered” by pharmacotherapy, instead of looking for the real cause that originates them and eradicating the root problem.
  • The different and chronic diseases consequently.
  • there are more and more chronic patients. More and more peoples take medicines and drugs for more extended periods (months or years) and even life.
  • And natural Health proposes a natural approach to health, treating symptoms, pains, disorders, or diseases from a genuine and non-chemical methodology (except in strictly necessary cases).
  • This natural health model is in force in Hindu, Japanese, or Chinese cultures, where their medicinal practices are ancient and significant.
  • Holistic health defends a health model based on conventional medicine and natural medicine to treat problems and conditions in the best possible way.
  • It also proposes a broader concept of health and less limited to the organ.
  • It contemplates the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual parts.
  • And not only the physical aspect as conventional medicine.


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