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What is the Healthy Gifts Guide? – Definition, 4 Types of Healthy Gifts Guide

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Healthy Gift Guide Definition

Healthy gifts guide serving as inspiration, with healthy, fun, and occasionally weird ideas.

Or for those who are lucky enough to be on your list this year. There are gift ideas for everyone.

And continue to maintain my philosophy of not giving away, just forgiving. And contrary.

If we are going to give away material things, let it be one purpose to take care of those who matter most to us. And give health and well-being for the present and the future.

What are the Types of Healthy Gifts Guide?

1. Big Berkey Water Filter

  • It is one of the kitchen items it like the most. And all the people who have already done with one of these beautiful filters.
  • And that’s why it’s the first of the healthy gifts on the list. In short, it is a simple but very advanced water purification system with two Black Berkey filters.
  • Also, the possibility of additional install filters against fluorine and arsenic.
  • As for its operation, it is straightforward. You have to lift the lid and pour in almost 8 liters of water that slowly seeps through the installed filters.
  • There is no comparison with most filtration systems you will find on the market. And the water tastes so rich, so clean.
  • If you’re concerned about your health, this filter will be a good companion in the kitchen, both for drinking water and for the one you use for cooking.

2. Kai Shun Santoku Knife

  • If you like to cook, you will know how important it is to have the right tools, starting with good, sharp knives.
  • What’s more, it seems incredible that many people who cook regularly at home, and even some less amateur cooks, are still using low-quality knives and without sharpening.
  • Also, a good knife not only makes you enjoy cooking more. It is also safer (it is much easier to cut yourself with a blade that is not sharp).
  • And no doubt and Shun Santoku Kai is one of the knives sharper than you will find, and it will stay that way for a very long time.

3. Instant Pot

  • The Instant Pot has remained all the rage in America for about two years. And it resisted because they are happy with my slow cooker.
  • But in the end, it encouraged. And couldn’t happier that’s why it recommends for healthy gifts.
  • Just take a look at its front panel to start getting an idea of its functionality. Also, the list of dishes that you can cook with this 7-in-1 multitasking appliance is long.
  • It includes bone broth, soups, stews, shredded pork or chicken carnitas, rice, steamed vegetables, boiled eggs, yogurt, porridge.
  • And he left me many things. With this pot, you can prepare such various real food dishes that give an Instant Pot a straightforward decision.

4. Healthy Food Baskets

  • Giving healthy gifts is to put together a basket full of food and other beneficial details; it is also effortless.
  • You have to get yourself a nice box or a basket. And then you fill it with one of these things packets of Guérande gray salt, a selection of spices, sardines, wild salmon, unfiltered olive oil, etc.
  • It also has balsamic vinegar, chocolate, cocoa butter, almond flour, assorted nuts, raw honey, and paleo granola.
  • Not to mention tamari, coconut flour, tiger nut flour, cocoa powder, seaweed, coconut water, Dandy Blend, black garlic, anchovies, capers, gluten-free pasta, and herbal teas. And also kombucha and water kefir.


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