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What is Facial Steam?

The facial steamer is precisely what it sounds like. The facial skin remains exposed to the steam generated by hot water.

Leaning over a pot of boiling water isn’t easy, but it’s not complicated and can easily remain done at home. If you’ve ever taken a long, hot shower or used a sauna at the gym, you’re already familiar with the concept.
You only need hot water, a towel, and at least 5 minutes to start steaming your face.

Facial Steamer at Home

You’ve probably figured out that facial steaming is pretty simple. It can remain accomplished by placing a warm, damp towel over your face. However, some techniques and accessories can help ensure the best facial steaming experience.
Technically, you can steam your face without buying any special items. How to make your facial steamer:

  • Boiled water. Using a teapot will make the next step easier.
  • Put in the bowl. Transfer the boiled water to a heat-resistant container, preferably glass or ceramic.
  • Get a towel. Ensure the towel is large enough to enclose your head and the bowl.
  • Start steaming. Place the towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Make sure the towel covers the bowl to catch the steam. You should not be so close to the container that the vapor burns or stings your skin. Facial steam should be comfortable and not painful.
  • Set a timer. Steam your face for at least 5 minutes (but no longer than 20 minutes).

After boiling the water, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil for an aromatherapy practice.
If you are a fan of facial steaming, you might want to buy a facial steamer. When using a facial steamer, you must fill the device with purified water, press a button, stand in front of the steam, and relax.

Facial Steam Side Effects

As harmless as it may sound, facial steaming isn’t for everyone. Facial steam side effects are generally mild but can be problematic for people with certain skin conditions, including rosacea, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis.
Too much facial steam can worsen the problem if you have dry skin. Too much water and steam can strip the skin of natural oils, producing dryness and irritation.
Because facial steam eventually dilates blood vessels, it can cause excessive redness, especially for people with sensitive skin.

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