Dark Circles Write For Us

Dark Circles Write For Us

What is a color corrector?

Color correction uses complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) to stop each other. Unlike a regular concealer, using a color-correcting tint in your complementary color will neutralize any imperfections you’re trying to hide. “When you color your face, you’re applying a complementary color to the part of your face that needs correcting,” says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

Complementary colors cancel each other out – green concealer, for example, reduces redness because green and red are balancing colors. How to Find the Correct Color Corrector for Your Skin Tone Color correctors can seem pretty daunting, especially since many of them have bright rainbow undertones that don’t suit your face. If you have dark blue under-eye circles, choose an orange or peachy concealer since orange conflicts with blue on the color wheel.

“To find the correct color corrector for your skin tone, saturation plays a big role,”; said Greenberg. “For example, if you have a lighter complexion, you should use the lighter version of, and so on.” Test the product in daylight and test the effect on the side of the face to make sure it fits well – light skin tones should use a peach shade, and darker skin tones should try an orange shade. How to fix dark circles under your eyes First, start with a moisturizing foundation and apply a good eye cream. Dry skin looks tired and lifeless, no matter how much concealer you use.

When it comes to correcting unsightly under-eye circles, think sunny colors. According to Quinn Murphy, noted makeup artist and host of the In My Chair podcast, using an orange variety is the best way to counteract dark circles under your eyes. “The key is only to apply it where it’s dark so you don’t see the orange cast.” He says.

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