Conditioner Shampoo Write For Us

Conditioner Shampoo Write For Us


The Conditioner is a hair care product that also comes in a liquid form. It is applied after washing the hair and helps to finish the usual hair care process. Conditioning agents used in a conditioner can be considered additives that influence your hair’s appearance, thickness, and overall manageability.

Shampoos tend to remove sebum oil from your hair, dirt, and dust. However, sebum is needed to condition the hair. For this reason, the production of synthetic sebum began, and hair conditioners arose.


Technically speaking, shampoo is a liquid cleansing agent for the scalp and hair. Remove excess oil from the scalp and cleanses dirty and dead skin cells. Shampoo originated from the Hindi word “Champo,” which means to massage the scalp.

Before, women used to apply soap to their hair to clean it, but traditional soaps were challenging to rinse out due to a lack of lathering ability. Later, in the 1930s, modern shampoos were explicitly introduced for hair care.

How do 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioners Work?

Think of 2-in-1s as a shampoo that covers some of the conditioning aids of a conditioner, rather than a true “best of both worlds” state. Typically, two types of conditioning elements are “hidden” in this formula: silicones and cationic polymers. “When shampoo is applied on hair, the micelles of the cleanser break open and the silicone sums on the hair,” explains cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski. “Cationic polymers work equally except they aren’t in the shampoo micelles. Rather, they are liquified in the shampoo and then when the outcome is more diluted, they fall out of solution and place on the hair.”

Why? Silicone’s coating properties prevent other moisturizing ingredients from penetrating your hair shaft, so your hair can become drier. It causes your scalp to produce more oil to compensate for moisture.

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