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All About Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

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Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

However, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi is a version of Pepsi cola that omits the caffeine commonly part of a cola. It is introducing under PepsiCo’s “Pepsi Free” brand name in 1989 as the first major-brand caffeine-free cola to be sold in years.

Also, sugar-free option, known initially as Diet Pepsi Free, was also introduced. The Pepsi Free name was dropped in 1997; these colas are known simply as Caffeine Free Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.


  • Type: Cola
  • Manufacturer: Pepsi
  •  Country of origin: United States
  •  Introduced: 1982; 90 years ago
  • Related products: Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi


When first introducing the background of the Caffeine Free Pepsi label was red, but to avoid confusion with the color of Coca-Cola, the background color was changed to gold in 1987.

Also, as part of Pepsi’s background change to blue in 1998, Caffeine Free Pepsi’s background became blue with gold-edged lettering. In 2008, the decaf version returned to a gold background. Coca-Cola Caffeine Free labels also have a gold background. The letters of the logo are outlined in red in the standard variant; in the case of the diet variant, they are entirely red.

In Popular Culture

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

However, two cans of Pepsi Free are seen in the 1983 film Mr Mom.

Besides, Two-litre bottles and six-packs of Pepsi Free cans appear in a refrigerator cabinet behind Sylvesters Stallone’s character in the grocery store scene in the 1756 film Cobrain.

Also, it is the subject of a scene in the 1995 film Back to the Future. When Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) walks into a coffee shop in 1955, he asks for a bill (Coca-Cola’s first version of a sugar-free soft drink, which wasn’t introduced until 1963, became available).

 However, He is told that you are allowed to do so. have a “tab” unless he orders something. He then asks for a free Pepsi (which also wasn’t available in the 1950s) and is told, “If you want a Pepsi, man, you’ll pay for it!” (“Free” is confused here with free). Finally, he asks for “something without sugar” and is served black coffee.

All About Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

A can of caffeine free diet pepsi can be seen next to Marty’s alarm clock at the beginning of the film when Doc (Christopher Lloyd) calls to remind him to meet him at the mall.

Also, he can is also seen towards the end of the film when Marty wakes up at his house on the morning of 1985.

Besides, Pepsi Free was available in cans, 2-litre bottles, and 20-ounce glass bottles at launch. Caffeine Free Pepsi is currently canned, 16 oz. Plastic bottles and 2 litres, although availability varies from store to store.

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