Body Serum Write For Us

Body Serum Write For Us

Body Serum Write For Us

What are serums and oils?

These two treatments tend to fall into the same category (perhaps because they usually come in a dropper bottle), but the truth is they’re pretty different. The serums have a thin, watery consistency and are formulated with a high concentration of ingredients. Because this allows the product to enter deep beneath the skin’s surface, serums are ideal for treating specific skincare concerns, from acne to aging to dull skin.

Unlike serums, oils do not contain water and have a thicker consistency, which is beneficial in keeping the skin barrier smooth and nourished. Depending on your skin’s needs, you can consider these to replace (or complement) your moisturizer. Moisturizers are made from a mixture of water and oils to hydrate (yes, there is a difference). If you’re hydrating your skin elsewhere, like with our Baby Cheeks Toner, and are dying to double the hydration, you can use just one oil. If your skin is very thirsty, you can opt for both. What is the best choice? Get the benefits of an oil and a serum in one with our Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil Serum.

When to use serums and oils in your daily routine

Both serums and oils can remain used morning and night and should be applied (gently) to the face, neck, and décolleté. Following the rule of using skincare from the thinnest layer to the thickest, serums should remain applied after cleansing and toning but before treating. Facial oils can trade as your moisturizer or, if you are very dry, used over or under, depending on your preference. Note: The term “serum” is sometimes ambiguous and may consist of oil-based ingredients. Treat the product like a facial oil and apply it towards the end of your skincare routine. Be sure to leave serums and oils on for two to three minutes (or longer for heavier oils) before moving on to the following skincare regimen (if any).

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