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Are you tired of always using PowerPoint? On this note, we offer you some high-quality alternatives to create an original online slideshow maker. Online slideshows are necessary both scientifically and professionally.

While PowerPoint is the most popular tool, there are plenty of others that can add a touch of distinction to your online slideshow. With these 10 programs, you can create a dynamic and creative online slideshow.

The problem with lots of online slideshows is that they not only offer nothing original but are also dull, making concentration an increasingly complex task. If you are looking for an alternative PowerPoint, here are ten programs for creating an engaging online slideshow.

1.   Knovio

Virtual or video training is occupying a prominent place for online slideshows in a large number of organizations. Hence the importance of Knovio arises.

With it, you will generate an online slideshow in which the main element will be audiovisual content. You can simultaneously present a video and the production in synchronizing the content at all times.

To make this type of presentation, you must upload a PowerPoint presentation team, record a video and share the presentation.

1.   PowToon

PowToon is a video animation program that will stay. The online slideshow created with this program is interesting, engaging, and entertaining.

Although it may seem difficult initially, this program is similar to PowerPoint, peculiarly adding animated slides. Like other programs, a free version allows you to create any videos you want, but up to 5 minutes in duration.

2.   In Video

InVideo is an online video editor instrument that allows companies in all industries to create custom-branded and content videos and share them on social platforms and websites. And also, it offers advanced editing options, pre-designed templates, and a library of image and video content from online slideshow maker repositories, including Storyblocks and Shutterstock to use. The library of over 1500 predesigned templates provides video templates customize for any business need, including marketing, event planning, promotions, branding, Instagram stories, and more.

4. Prezi

Prezi offers the ability to create a dynamic and engaging animated online slideshow. Whereas it may be a little complex to understand at first, there are plenty of tutorials out there that can dispel all of your doubts.

It is essential to note that this program is free to access but up to 100MB, so only a few online slideshows can record.

5. Emaze

It has a great diversity of predefined templates that facilitate the editing and personalization of the information. It allows incorporating graphics, images, text, and other support resources.

Emaze can use on any device connected to the Internet. One of the advantages is that it offers the possibility of uploading a presentation in PowerPoint format and then adding design details of the tool.

Some of the highlights of Emaze are:

Movable devices.

3D rotation.

Voice-activated slide transitions.

View all the slides at the same time.

Timed slide transitions.

 6. Hakiu deck

The Haiku Deck program can understand as a presentation version of Instagram. Not only is it forthright to use, but it also offers the option to use it from a computer or iPad for free.

Once the presentation is ready, you can choose access (restricted or public), convert it to a PowerPoint document PDF, and share it on social networks.

7. Slidebean

It’s a free online tool that lets you add content and automatically adjusts the added formatting into an attractive slide; In this way, you can create an online slideshow with high aesthetic value in the shortest possible time.

And also, It has a straightforward user interface, and its web platform allows you to export PowerPoint or PDF online slideshow. In addition, it comes with a large number of templates to get you out of trouble when you don’t have a finished design.

8. Canva Online Slideshow

The main attribute of this program is its ease of use and also its graphic quality. It has various standard designs that suit your liking and allow you to create an attractive online slideshow even without design ideas.

9. Google Slides

Another of the great tools that Google offers is the cloud. Among other things, it provides various themes, fonts, the option of inserting videos and animations. You can also use Google Slides to create an online slideshow collaboratively.

10. Visme

In addition to making an online slideshow, this program allows you to create infographics, graphics, and other visual content.

It’s a very intuitive platform that doesn’t require any prior knowledge. So, It offers different themes and templates, interactive elements, the ability to insert videos and other content from external sources, insert animated text, access free images, and other benefits.


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