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What Is Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery?

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A rhinoseptoplasty is a surgery that cuts the cartilage in the nose, removes the skin with or without bone reconstruction, and closes sutures. It is a surgical procedure to correct an abnormally shaped nose or correct other nose deformities. While its goal is to improve one’s appearance and self-esteem, this Procedure also has functional considerations. This blog shares proper and an inner perspective on the idea of Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery, the reasons, importance, and risks of the medical procedure.

Reasons for Undertaking Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery:

  1. Correction of a breach of the nose is a common reason for undergoing Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery. Also, changes in the structure of the nose due to injury or accident can be corrected with this surgery. In this case, the bone cartilage of the nose is removed, or the nostril bone is cut in a section to provide an ideal functioning of the nose.
  2. Injuries caused by accidents also call for Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery. This procedure is commonly used to restore function to the nose damaged by accident due to injury or injury.
  3. Another reason for undertaking Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery is to fix a nose that was born with a deformity. Some people are born with the nose having an abnormal contour or crooked bone. This Procedure can repair this abnormal structure and change it to a regular one.
  4. Some have a flat or upturned nose that is not attractive by nature, and Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery can help to make it more appealing to look at and also improves its functionality.
  5. The last reason for undertaking Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery is to remove masses that have formed in the nose, commonly called tumors. These surgeries are used to remove excess skin on the nose, which later forms a mass due to its build-up over time. This means that Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery can be used to remove the skin causing a mass and remove any tumors present in the nose.

How the Procedure is undertaken:

The procedure starts with the patient’s nasal bones: This is done either by cutting the nasal cartilage with or without removal of skin. Then, a small incision is made in the skin, from where the cut edges of it are sealed with sutures (which attach one part to another). The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes.

The Procedure is standard because there is a defined alignment of the different components of the nose. It consists of making a cut (incision) at the bottom of the outer side of the nostrils, and then cutting through some cartilage at the tip to form a new shape. The sides are then sutured together and covered with a bandage, which will be removed after five days. A splint is placed between the upper lip and nose. Replacing this splint after five days will be done every week for three weeks until it can be dispensed with.

Importance of the Surgery:

There are several reasons that may require a person to undergo Rhinoseptoplasty. These include the following:

  1. If a person has a deformity in his or her nose, they can always undergo this surgery to correct it and have an proper nose shape restored. The procedure ensures that the individual can have a new nose shape that is attractive.
  2. When the nose has an injury or a fracture, it can be repaired with Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery. In such cases, the bones and cartilage in the nose are reconstructed to provide it with its original structure and shape. For the development of an presentable nose, then, the procedure ensures that the fracture is healed first, and then the cartilage is repaired.
  3. Some people are born with a slightly crooked nose, and Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery helps to correct it. For example, the nose may be slightly off-centre or crooked in a young child. Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery can be used to correct this deformity and make it more attractive and natural-looking.
  4. Skin removal, which takes place as part of Rhinoseptoplasty, can only be done by a professional surgeon in some cases of skin cancer. It should also be noted that skin removal is also important to remove excess skin that may become a mass due to its accumulation over time.
  5. When there occurs a loss of bone in the nostrils, this Procedure can be used to restore bone in the nose by removing some bone in the tip of your nose. A reverse Rhinoseptoplasty can be used in cases where there is a bone fracture or where the nose has been damaged due to an accident or injury.
  6. Finally, when a mass forms in the nose, the Procedure can be used to remove it and remove any tumors that may have formed inside the nose.

Risks associated with Rhinoseptoplasty:


There are certain risks that come with Rhinoseptoplasty surgery, which include the following:

1. Sinusitis:

This is a condition that results from infection in the sinus cavities and can be remedied with antibiotics. The condition can also be treated with Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery.

2. Infection:

Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery can cause infection to occur if the skin has been broken and has not healed after a week. This may also be because the sutures in the area are not strong enough and may start to move, or it may be because of a lack of antibiotics to fight off any infection that may arise.

3. Dislocation of bones:

Sometimes, this may occur due to infections or structural weakness, and it can be corrected with corrective surgery, which also involves placing new implants to hold the tissue in position. With such a situation, the surgery may require more than one session.

4. Facial disfigurement:

There are sometimes cases where the nose is not well aligned, and it should be corrected with corrective Rhinoseptoplasty. Some people have a large nostril, in which case an incision can be made to reduce its size. It should also be noted that there are some instances when the nasal valve may not function properly after the surgery has been performed, or it may not look natural with what has been done by the surgeon. Thus, corrective surgery may be needed to correct these issues.

5. Breathing problems :

A Rhinoseptoplasty can cause breathing problems in some patients, including those who smoke or are exposed to other irritants such as pollution, dust, and tobacco smoke. The problems with breathing will be temporary as long as the patient does not expose him or herself to known irritants. It is also important for the patient to clean or blow their nose well after being exposed to irritants.


Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery is a great procedure to do as it helps to restore your self-confidence and help you achieve an ideal nose shape. It is a procedure that can be undertaken at any age. This means that there is no need for you to postpone the process if you are young because you can always do it when the time comes. It should also be noted that Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery has been done for many years, and there have been numerous successes when it has been performed.

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