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Mounaragam (translated as “Silent Symphony”) is an Indian Malayalam television soap opera airing on Asianet Entertainment Channel and Disney+ Hotstar. Also, It is an official remake of the Telugu language series Mouna Raagam airing on Star Maa.

All About Mounaragam

Genre: Soap opera

Creator: Uday Bhagavathula/Jarugula Rama Babu

Developer: Mullapudi Sesh Kumar

Writer: Pradeep Panicker

Director: Manu Sudhakaran/Harrison

Presenter: Anoop Menon

Narrator: Prof. Aliyaar

Theme music composer: Saanadh George

Composer: Rajeev Aattukal

Country of origin: India

Original language: Malayalam

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 631

Storyline Of Mounaragam


However, in Mounaragam Deepali and Prakashan are a married couple who live with Prakashan’s mother. Deepa is a kind and caring woman, while Prakashan is a cruel man who sees girls as a burden

Consequently, he ignores his daughter Kadhambari, his firstborn, and longs for a son, with his mother supporting his wish. Also, Deepali becomes pregnant a second time, but Prakashan decides to kill the baby.

Besides, Kalyani in Mounaragam  is now a young woman in Mounaragam. Though mute, she has talent and intelligence. She still craves her father’s affection. When she was little, Kalyani saved the life of a rich boy named Kiran. Also, after a long pause, Kiran tried to find out who the girl was. He gets to know Kalyani and immediately likes her friendly and calm manner.

However, Kiran introduces Sonia Kalyani in Mounaragam, and both girls hit it off. Sonia supports Kalyani in dealing with her problems. She keeps Kalyani and argues with the people who harass Kalyani, leading to fun events.

Also, to ruin Kalyani’s life, Rahul, Vikram, and Ratheesh (Kadhambari’s husband) team up. Prakashan accepts this marriage proposal because he always wanted Kalyani to marry an unsuitable boyfriend.

Prakashan had previously planned to marry her off to Rajappan, a loan shark who lent Prakashan money. Sarayu and her mother Shari are happy that Kiran is now marrying Sarayu instead of Kalyani. Kiran and Sonia go to lengths to prevent Kalyani and Baiju’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kiran and Sonia’s niece, Paru, enter Kalyani’s life.


  • Aishwarya Ramsay Kalyani: A mute girl, Prakash and Deepa’s daughter, Kadambari and Vikram’s sister, Kiran’s wife.
  • Naleef Gea as Kiran Chandrasenan: Chandrasenan and Roopa’s son, Sonia’s brother, and Sarayu’s cousin. Kalyani’s husband.
  • Balaji Sarma as Prakashan:Kalyani, Kadambari’s father, and Vikram, Deepa’s husband, hate Kalyani.
  • Darshana Das Madhuri Pratheeksha G. Pradeep as Sarayu: Kiran’s cousin who wants to marry him, Rahul and Shari’s daughter, the cousin of Kiran and Soniya.

Guest Appearances In Mounaragam

  • Meera Vasudevan as Sumithra
  • Saikiran Ram as Mohan Kumar
  • Gauri P. Krishnan as Anumol
  • Chef Suresh Pillai as cooking show judge
  • Sreethu Krishnan as herself
  • Noobin Johny as himself
  • Reshma Nair as herself
  • Manisha Mahesh as herself

Adaptations Of Movie Mounaragam

Telugu: Mounaraagam మౌన రాగం

Kannada: Mouna Raaga ಮೌನ ರಾಗ

Tamil: Kaatrin Mozhi காற்றின் மொழி

Hindi: Teri Laadli Principal तेरी लाडली मैं



However, the day of the wedding finally dawns. In Mounaragam Prakashan’s family. Rahul, Shari, and Roopa, are happy that Kalyani is marrying C’s son. Also, kiran pretends to have chest pains to divert Roopa’s attention because Cs’ friend. Sooryakumar is Roopa’s family friend, Chandrasenan is Prakshan’s family friend, and Roopa doesn’t like seeing Chandrasenan.

Also, as the marriage begins, a stranger reveals that Kalayni’s marriage has overcome everyone’s surprise.  including Prakashan, Roopa, Rahul, and Shari. However, Roopa then asks Kiran about Kalyani’s secret marriage, and Kiran shows the engagement ring, shocking Roopa, and she falls unconscious. She surprises Prakashan, Rahul, and Shari.

Besides, Mounaragam in Shari. Chandrasekaran manages to convince Roopa to accept the Kiran-Kalyani marriage. Also, Roopa agrees that she makes Kiran, Kalyani, Sonia happy but upsets Prakshan’s family, Rahul, and Shari. Eventually, Kiran and Kalyani happily marry in front of Shwetha Menon, the primary guest.


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