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Set Up Canon Printers in Windows http //ij.start.cannon

  • First, download http //ij.start.cannon and install your printer driver from “The Canon site.”
  • After that, make sure your http //ij.start.cannon printer is connect to the power button
  • Now that you have selected the wireless option go to your Canon printer screen and tap on the WiFi Settings button.
  • Select device settings and click OK on http //ij.start.cannon.
  • A list of networks will then appear on the screen. Select your WiFi network from the list and press OK.
  • You will now be prompte for your WPA/WEP key (WLAN password).

Steps To Add Windows System http //ij.start.cannon

  • First, open “Control Panel” and select the “Devices and Printers” http //ij.start.cannon option.
  • Verify that your printer is visible on the next screen with a green checkmark. You must add it manually by clicking the “Add Printer” http //ij.start.cannon option.
  • Now you will see the list of all available printers on the screen. Select your Canon printer from here.
  • Tap Next and wait a few seconds for your printer to be added.
  • Once added, you will see that your printer add with a green tick.

Steps to Set Up http //ij.start.cannon on Windows Via USB

http //ij.start.cannon

  • First, download the Canon printer driver and complete the installation process by visiting – http //ij.start.cannon
  • Then connect the printer and Windows system with a USB cable.
  • Open the Run box in the Windows search bar, type Control Panel and click OK.
  • From here, select the “Devices and Printers” http //ij.start.cannon option. You will now see your printer with a green tick.
  • If you don’t see your printer, click the Add Printer option to add it manually.
  • Finally, your printer is now add and ready to use.

Process to Set Up a Canon Printer on Mac Using

First, download the driver from, configure it, and go to the next step.

Now, click on the printer-shaped icon in the System Preferences window, Printers & Scanners.

You can see the name of your printer in the left panel.

Finally, your printer will now show up with a green checkmark.

How To Print

First, make sure you have the correct version of the printer driver software installed on your device, or visit – ‘ij.start.cannon’ to download the proper driver.

Then pull out the input tray of the Canon printer and load the papers.

Go to your PC http //ij.start.cannon and open the document you want to print.

Now right click on the file or document to select the Print option or press CTRL + P to start the process.

Press the Print tab and wait for the input paper to print your file or document.

How Can We Scan With the Printer?

  • First, download http //ij.start.cannon Utility from the Canon support site -‘ij. Start. Canyon’.
  • Once the software is download, double-click on the utility software to install it on your PC.
  • After installing the scan utility, run it.
  • Load printer paper into the scanner tray.
  • Go to the Settings option and click Scan Document.
  • Now click on the document and adjust the settings as needed.


Always have your printer model number handy before beginning the setup process

Make sure your device http //ij.start.cannon has enough disk space for the driver installation.

Also, Make sure the printer is appropriately plug into the power outlet.

Make sure your device has a working internet connection.

Configuring the IJ.Start.Cannon Printer

  • You must have an access point. It can be a wireless router or a modem of http //ij.start.cannon.
  • You need at least one smart device or PC with the best internet connection to configure Canon IJ settings successfully.
  • You can open the browser to ensure a proper connection of your device to the internet by typing

What is the ij.start.cannon?

http //ij.start.cannon

You need to know the http //ij.start.cannon settings before installing and connecting the printer to the other devices. Canon is a well-known brand with intelligent features, including a camera and various solutions like cinematography, printers, and scanners.

Productivity and Efficient Results

They provide us with high-speed solutions http //ij.start.cannon in the USB 2.0 version. Also, it is an easy way to access such printers via Airprint, Wi-Fi, etc. The attractive efficiency and productivity attract many customers to buy and eliminate all worries using comprehensive solutions’ features.


You must know the guidelines and steps to set up a http //ij.start.cannon, and you can access the website: http //ij.start.cannon. This guide will help you find the different ways to wirelessly connect the printer to many devices. You can easily output as many prints as you want from your smartphones and computers by following the above steps and successfully establishing the network connection with the printer. Surely, configuring the printer with such simple steps will no longer be a difficult task.


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