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How Is a Fractured Nose Treated?

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A fractured nose can be a significant injury requiring surgery. A fracture is any displacement of the bones in your nose that prevents it from being able to align with the other structures of your face properly. It can cause a great deal of pain and redness and often requires an incision to allow the surgeon to proper alignment the bones. Your goal is to get your nose back into alignment, so you must put it back together correctly.

Causes of a Fractured Nose

1. Acute Trauma

A blow to the nose that is forcefully displaced from its normal position can cause a fracture. It can also occur when an object is forced into your nose. Think of getting hit in the nose and having it displaced back into your sinus. The severity of the fracture will depend on how acute the force was that caused it.

2. Chronic Nasal Problems

Those who suffer from nasal stuffiness and frequent nasal congestion are more likely to experience a fractured nose if they do not care for their problem correctly. A congested nose can lead to your sinus’s becoming infected, which can cause pieces of the sinus to collapse and break off, thereby causing a displaced nose.

3. Viral Infections

Those with viral infections such as the common cold are also prone to get nose fractures due to the increased pressure in their nasal cavities. It is a widespread occurrence for those who smoke cigarettes or use other products that improve the tension in your nose.

4. Congenital Deformities

Fractures in the nose can also be a result of a congenital abnormality. Since your nose is so complex, you may have an exception in one part of it but not another. The deformity can cause the nose to twist or bend in specific directions, causing a fracture.

5. Nasal Allergies

Nasal allergies can cause problems such as a deviated septum, which can cause the bones in your nose to be unable to align correctly. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies or frequent colds are more likely to experience this because it causes congestion and pressure within their nasal cavities. It can lead to their nasal bones becoming weak and unable to align with one another properly.

6. An Accident

Many people suffer from a broken nose after an accident, particularly one that involves a sports injury. It can be especially devastating for a young athlete who has aspirations of going pro. The treatment procedure will vary depending on the severity of the fracture, but in general, it is repaired using either metal screws or plates to align and hold the bones in place while they heal.

7. Taking a Blow to the Face

A blow to your face can cause your nose to be pushed back and its bones fractured. Most of the time, a broken nose can occur without any pain. It is often only when you try to move your nose in a particular direction that you feel discomfort.

Symptoms of a Fractured Nose

1. Swelling

Swelling is one of the most common symptoms of a broken nose because it will often be accompanied by blood. As the blood fills up your nasal cavity, it can displace your septum and cause it to push back into your sinus cavity. It can lead to a nasal fracture and constant pain.

2. Pain

There can be a great deal of pain if you have a broken nose, primarily if it was caused by an injury that was quite acute and sudden. The force that caused the displacement will cause pieces of bone to break off and create small pieces within your nose that can continue to cause pain for some time after the initial event.

3. A Deviated Septum

If your nose is deviated or bent towards one side, it can obstruct the nasal passage. Many people with a deviated septum suffer from chronic sinus infections, which can sometimes lead to a broken nose. The force of the infection moving back and forth can cause your nasal bones to fracture.

4. A Bulging Nose

A broken nose can also lead to a bulge in the cartilage of your nose. It is often a result of an assault, but it can also happen during the repair process if you have a deviated septum. If your nasal bones are fractured, then there will be a piece of cartilage that is not fully aligned with the nasal bones and will push against them.

5. Dislocation

When you experience a severe break in your nose, there is a chance that the two sides of your nose will become dislocated from one another. It can cause the cartilage around your nostrils to push into other surrounding structures causing permanent damage. Whether or not this happens will depend on the original force that caused the fracture.

6. Discharge

If you experience a fractured nose, there is a chance that you will also experience a discharge from your nose. It can be blood or clear fluid and will depend on the original cause of your broken nose. The release may contain small pieces of bone or cartilage that have been displaced with the rest of your nasal bones.

Ways of Treating a Fractured Nose

1. Medication

You can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen to relieve pain and swelling. Antibiotics may also be recommended to fight off a sinus infection or other related bacterial growth.

2. The Ice Pack Method

If a blow to the face causes your broken nose, you can apply an ice pack on your nose for up to twenty minutes. It will help reduce swelling, but if your nose is so severely fractured that it cannot be aligned, this may not be an option.

3. Surgery

If the fracture is severe, surgery may be necessary to repair or align your nose correctly. The effectiveness of this method will depend on the severity of the accident and the amount of time since the injury occurred. Doctors may think of removing dorsal hump to relieve the pressure in your sinus.

4. A Splint

If your nose is only slightly broken, then a splint can be used to hold the bones in place. It provides structural support while the nose begins to heal and allows the blood clots that have formed to dissolve on their own, thereby allowing your septum to return to its proper place.

If you are suffering from a fractured nose, you should take appropriate steps to ensure your health improves. The symptoms of a broken nose can be quite severe and should not be taken lightly. If you feel that your nose is being pushed in one direction or another, then it is best to visit an ENT doctor for an evaluation.

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